Available on the casino Jumbabet Roulette

One of the things that determine the most if an online casino is worth it is the quality of the software it uses. Indeed, if a little known software is used, the casino is worth not regardless of the effectiveness of its customer service, ease of payment transactions, or how the proposed salaries are generous. Players will simply not like their gaming experience. On the Jumbabet online casino, players have the opportunity to play on the superior software Rival Powered, and it is this software that makes all the difference.

Rival software

Most prestigious online casinos use software developed by PlayTech or Micro Gaming, which gives many their games a character sometimes boring and monotonous.To avoid this, Jumbabet Casino uses software developed by a less famous but more innovative company called Rival Gaming. Rival only existed since 2006, but since then, it has built a good reputation by offering some of the most creative and exciting industry games of chance.

Exclusive games

Using Rival Gaming, Jumbabet is able to offer gaming options based on the most recent and innovative technologies. This platform was the first to introduce to the market the machine interactive slot based on stories and games called I-Slots. She is also a pioneer of the lottery-based specialty games. In addition, the casino works with Rival to develop many unique games based on themes, topics, and events affecting his players.

Interactions in real time player

Jumbabet Casino currently offers over 100 different games for the pleasure of its players. Table games traditional video poker games, all offers on Jumbabet use the excellent Casino Controller of Rival technology. This platform allows players to interact with the casino in real time, which gives them greater precision in the choice of options, better control, and easier access to their favorite games. In fact, the difference and quality of Jumbabet games are largely due to exceptional Rival Gaming software.

The Roulette has always been surrounded by myths and legends. While the Romans and Greeks soldiers played games with round shields or wheels, no one can say with assurance when and where the game was created. However, merit was granted to Blaise Pascal, philosopher writer and French mathematician. It is believed that he invented the wheel of Roulette games in 1655 in trying to develop a perpetual motion machine. This machine was a failure, and it leads to the creation of the Roulette wheel.

Other theories

At the same time, others say that these are the French Dominicans monks who brought the roulette in Europe towards the end of the 17th century as a distraction to practice in their monasteries. Other evidence indicates that several games like Roulette had already been created in the 18th century, and there are Even and Odd (E – O) and Hoca as such from England and Italy respectively. No matter where and when exactly, Roulette was created towards the end of the century, the game became popular throughout Europe.

What was the wheel a few years previously

Turkish Sultan Selim III was a lot of wheels of Roulette games in his palace. In Russia, the Empress Catherine the great had also several facilities in his palace. During this time, the game had 36 red and black numbers, as well as numbers 0 and 00. The players were already able to make direct bets, odd or even, red or black, on columns, dozens and others at this time. These bets are very similar to the bets that can be made today on Roulette. The single zero Roulette wheel was introduced by Louis and François white in Germany in the middle of the 19th century.

Arrival in America

Said that Roulette games were introduced by French settlers in New Orleans, and many shows offered these games on their tables. The game became very popular in America, and it spread throughout the West. There was an additional location on the wheel which contained an American Eagle or a 00 green. Today, the version of the game with the double zero 00 is called American Roulette, and the version which has a single 0 wheel, European Roulette.